About Pacswitch

Pacswitch is listed at the Office of Communications Authority (OFCA) under ( * IAS / IVAS / ETS) SBO License number 1456 & Radio Dealers Licence (Unrestricted). We are Licenced to delivery Telecommunications Services from Hong Kong to outside location & import / export radio transmission devices.

* Telecom Licenses of Pacswitch Globe Telecom Limited (2022)
  1. IAS : Internet Access Service
  2. IVAS : International Value-Added Network Service
  3. ETS : External Telecommunications Services

Facts of Pacswitch Network:

Established in
Hong Kong IDD prefix
Internet Autonomous Number
10136 , 55536

Our Equipments & Infrastructure

In oreder to have a Carrier-Grade service level for our customer`s network & servers.

Softswitch & IDD
We developed our own copyright Softswitch for Voice over IP switching & IDD services in Hong Kong.
Supermicro Servers
All of our servers are Supermicro with IPMI enabled. Customers are able to add extra hardware to the servers
Carrier Grade Network backbone core
We choose Cisco border router & Core switch as our inter-datacenter backbone devices. This enabled our customer`s to make Interconnect with mupli-Telcos selections.
Layer-2 Cloud infrastructure
Our Layer-2 Cloud are able to deploy customer`s IP address block & network configurion. There are no limitation on the IP blocks or even bandwidth. Virtual-data center network configure are availabled.
Mobile local-access network deployment
As a creative & innovation network service provider, we provide mobile local-access network with interconnected with mupli-telcos fixed network. Customer are very easily to depoly their network from their company to the on-site events.
Anti-DDoS infrastructure
We offer Anti-DDoS solution for supporting up to 40G PoP inbound traffic.We deployed Asia / Europe network node to accept the large traffic. We understand the modern bussiness like our customers are relied on the mission-critical Internet access services. Protect customer`s network means protect customer`s business.