Premier Dedicated Internet Access (DIA - IP Transit)

Pacswitch is a OFCA licensed Internet service provider (SBO license 1456), we own ourself IP address and Layer2/3 backbone in Hong Kong and to worldwide. Pacswitch is your trusted network partner. Pacswitch`s Premier Dedicated Internet Access (PDIA) Service offers Hong Kong customers to connect international Internet service, included connect in HongKong, Asia, Europe, U.S. and the rest of the world.


Premier DIA Internet (BGP) Promotion

  • Hong Kong 99% commercial building are in coverage.
  • Full port from 100M to 10Gbps flat rate.
  • SLA contract commit.
  • BGP supported.
  • IPv4/IPv6 address provided.
  • Pre-sales test server provided.
Our connected network partners:
Our direct connected internet exchange:


  • Specialized routing options - including Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).
  • Flexible traffic management - burstable billing provided. from 1G to 10Gbps
Notrh America: 150ms - 200ms
Europe: 200ms - 300ms

Inquiry: Email us at: or Call +852-2157-0550