Premier DIA Premium Dedicated Line Service(DIA - IP Transit)

  • Pacswitch is a licensed Internet provider in Hong Kong (SBO license 1456) with its own IP address and external IP backbone in Hong Kong. The company's Autonomous System Number (ASN) is 55536, which indicates its ability to manage its own routing policies and interconnectivity with other networks. As a reliable network partner, Pacswitch offers dedicated line services, including Premier DIA - IP Transit, that provide global network connections to customers in Hong Kong, Asia, the United States, Europe, and other parts of the world. Overall, Pacswitch is a trustworthy company that can offer reliable network solutions and connectivity to businesses in Hong Kong and beyond.

Premier DIA Premier Private Line Service (BGP) Offer

  • DIA covers 99% of commercial buildings in Hong Kong
  • Full 100M - 10Gbps fixed charge
  • SLA Contract Guarantee
  • Support BGP
  • Provide IPv4/IPv6 address
  • Provide pre-sale test server
Our Network Access Partners & the exchange we connect to


  • Ad hoc routing - using BGP protocol
  • Elastic flow control - can provide flexible charging mode, from 1Gbps to 10Gbps


North America
150ms - 200ms
200ms - 300ms